Razor blade
Razor blade sad stories

lostangel Community member
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Razor blade

by lostangel

Trigger warning

Let the razor blade touch my skin

It is so very thin, I slide it across my wrist, Wondering if I'd be missed

The blood drips down to the floor

Behind a closed, locked door. I clean up the mess I've made, Then I go and hide the blade

I wrap my arm

I bring myself harm. I dry my eyes from the tears that fell, I wish i could scream and yell

My eyes are puffy and red

From the tears I had shed My door is now unlocked, and out of my room I walked.

I put on a fake smile,

And that lasted a while. I give up on life, I wont be the perfect wife

Then I found you

And you helped me get through. You saved me, To my heart, I give you the key

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