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Just a love story that didn't end well.

Our love story

by lostangel

The day we met was a long time ago

Like 8 years ago actually. We were so young

I don't know if you remember

But we were so different. Interested in different things. Looked completely different.

We were complete opposites

We were starting school and we didn't even talk to each other for maybe 6 weeks.

Then I noticed you getting dragged away by the principal

I started to take interest. Because I was so young I thought "he looks like a great friend. Why would he hurt someone?"

3 years passed and we learnt about love and we spoke more

Half way through the year I remember you saying "I think I love you." I ignored you. I only did that because I saw you hurting others.

A few days later you made a promise

"I promise to never hurt anyone, just please talk to me." We spoke a lot. And I grew feeling for you

We're now 15 and dated a few times

Each time ended with "I still love you. I just need a break." I think this is the tenth time I cried over you this month. I'm starting to doubt you ever loved me.

But there is something I want you to know

I love you

I love you more than anything. I know we're only kids but I will always have feeling for you. I might not admit it to you but I will always love you. But there's something we should both say...


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