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My loves

by lostangel

My first love

We were 10 years old. We didn't know what love was. But we thought we loved each other. We were wrong. You said your parents didn't want you to date. Then I saw you with someone else

My second love

We met at the park. You told me I looked pretty. We were 12. We thought we were in love. We were wrong. You moved country and never spoke to me again.

My third love

We were 16. We thought love was sex. I gave you my virginity. I gave you everything I had. You left with no explanation. You lied

My forth love

We were 18 and met on the streets. You smiled and started talking to me. We spoke for months. And you asked me out. We dated and I saw you kissing another girl. I left and never saw you again.

My fifth love

We were 20. I loved you more than anything. I thought you were different. You told me everything I wanted to hear. After 6 months you changed. You started hitting me. So I left.

My last love

We're 25 now and we watch the sun set every night. I heard you reading our child a book last night. You actually love me. You wont leave me. I love you.

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