Lies I told myself
Lies I told myself lies stories
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Lies I told myself

by lostangel

I'm not enough

I tell myself no one will love me. That I'm not good enough. I believe it. No one has ever stayed with me. I am not enough

Love isn't real

I told myself love isn't real. It was never real. Everything I went through was because they never loved me. You cant love someone if its not true. It is not real

It will get rid of the pain

I told myself everything would go away if I hurt myself. So I did. I hurt myself and I still felt the pain. The pain of not being enough. The pain of all the heart breaks. It did not help.

You don't love me

I met you. And I told myself you don't love me. You never will. Love is not real. But you we're trying to help me believe but I was too far gone. Nothing is real. You don't love me

You're lying to me

You still didn't leave. I found it odd. Everyone leaves by now. But not you. I told myself you we're just playing with my heart. You just wanted to hurt me. You're lying to me.

The truth

You're still here? You do love me? I thought love wasn't real. I thought I wasn't enough. I was wrong. I lied to myself and you showed me that. I am forever grateful. Thank you. I was wrong

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