In that moment
In that moment hurt stories

lostangelCommunity member
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In that moment

In that moment, I was speechless. She betrayed me. She broke my trust

In that moment I felt my heart sink. I felt it shatter into a million pieces.

In that moment i felt my eyes get watery. i tried to stop the tears that threatened to fall, but i couldnt

In that moment I couldnt think clearly. my mind was filled with whys and hows.

How could my best friend date my ex boyfriend that i'm in love with? Why would she do that?

In that moment the thoughts came back. the thoughts i had gotten rid of

"You're not good enough." "You don't deserve love." "No one could love you."

Now I sit here writing this with tears streaming down my face. Hoping that they'll read this. But I know they won't...

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