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lostangel Community member
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I just felt like writing this.. @Disbitch gave me the title and the idea..

Hide away

by lostangel

I hide away my tears, and my deepest, darkest fears. To you, I'll never tell, But I hope you're doing well

I hide away my hopes and dreams, You don't care, that's how it seems But I promise I'll be there , And our feelings we may share

I'll hide away in the dark, In my heart, you light a spark I never felt this way, but my feelings, you will betray

I'll hide away in the middle of the night, Where no one can see me, out of sight I think of how we used to be, But I was just one of three

I hide away where I cant be found, I sit here crying on the cold, rough ground In my mind I will stay, That is the price I have to pay

This will be my final goodbye, And I cant help but cry. There's no more me and you, There's nothing more I can do

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