Dear the one that has my heart
Dear the one that has my heart sad stories

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Dear the one that has my heart

I faked a smile, I did it for a while, No one knew it was fake, I didn't want to be awake

Then came the day I met you, I felt something that was new, A smile that was finally true, The walls I built, you broke through

You said you'd love me til the end, And if we broke up, you'd be my friend, But now I see that's all a lie, And all I can do is cry

There are days I don't think I can live this life, And all I want to do is pick up a knife, Long red lines will appear on my skin, And that's when a habit will begin

Remember when we'd call every night, Back then everything was right, Ever since you left, I've never been alright, There's a war in my head that I always have to fight

I'm still in love with you, But you don't have a clue, I'd do anything for you, You don't know its true

So dear the one who has my heart, I wish we could restart, But I know it's too late, I'll just keep pretending that I feel great

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