The Girl with a Broken Soul
The Girl with a Broken Soul   sad stories

lostand Community member
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This is something I came up quickly but it still means a lot to me. It's short but I hope you enjoy it!

The Girl with a Broken Soul

I wish that the memories of returning from kindergarten every day in my dad's old Nissan were still fresh in my head. They're not, and I can't lie to myself even though I try.

I should be happy because many people struggle to have a roof over their heads, while I get to come back to a house with lights and electricity. Excuses. That's all I fill myself with - excuses.

But I can't help it. The people who love me but hurt me the most are the only people I can turn to in my darkest times. Why?

There is no one out there I can trust - not even my friends.

The word "exploit" gets thrown around constantly in my head because that's what they forced on me; so that is the truth for them and now me.

"Smile for me." That way, everything is alright, and no one knows. The true meaning of happiness and joy no longer mean anything to me, not that it matters.

They are words to be used to put on a show because...

I'm not the girl with a broken soul.

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