The Path I Should Have Taken
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lost I'm still here
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The Path I Should Have Taken

by lost

We almost made it.

We were so close I could see us over the horizon.

We were so close.

Barely a few steps away. It was going so well, you and me.

We'd been within reach before.

We had been, many times, but we had never been this close. Never this close to being happy.

This time it was different.

It was just within reach. One more step. Just one more step, and we'd be able to reach the end.

But this time WAS different.

We moved a little bit too fast. I moved a little bit too fast. I couldn't help myself. We could've been so happy.

But my step was uneven.

I fell off the road. I reached out for you to save me, but you couldn't.

You couldn't reach.

Perhaps you didn't even try to reach.

I knew it was over.

I knew it was finally done.

But I sit there in a hole on the side of the road.

I sit there in denial, looking up at you, as you stare down at me. If you just reached down you could help me back up.

But you don't help me.

You just keep walking. You walk away, you keep going down the path. Who knows what's down there for you.

Everyday I try to get out of the hole.

I try to get back onto the road. Back onto our road. But I'm stuck.

There's a ladder right behind me.

But if I took the ladder, it would lead me somewhere new.

I don't want to go somewhere new.

I just want to travel down this road with you. But who knows how far you've gone, without me.

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