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lost I'm still here
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There's a fine line between hope and denial.

One more cookie

by lost

A small baby girl who is no more than three

Has witnessed far, far more than a child should see.

She stands alone, looking around.

She searches, and searches but nothing can be found.

She grasps a small cookie tightly in her hand

and proceeds to do something I don't quite understand.

She walks up to this man, this man with no kin.

She offers to him a big lopsided grin.

He smiles back politely, but noticeably fake

She must have had knowledge of his giant heartache.

She holds out her cookie and offers him a bite.

I don't think she realized he'd put up a fight.

He grabs the cookie and chucks it to the floor.

Her eyes become glassy. She runs for the door.

She runs to her house where she lives with her mother.

Yes, just her mother, the girl has no other.

She tried to help the man many times, despite his hate.

She was beginning to realize

It just wasn't her fate.

For no cookie nor kindness could suffice for his loss.

No matter how much the poor baby could toss.

The more cookies she offered,

the more cookies he threw.

But every once in a while,

he would take one or two.

Her eyes would fill with love

her heart would swell with hope.

She'd live in these moments.

They always helped her cope.

One day she will realize.

One day she will know.

That his fondness for her will never quite grow.

But she bakes in the kitchen,

her heart warm and true.

She thinks maybe, one day,

she will finally break through.

That day has not come

And the chances are slim

But she waits. And she waits.

One day she'll get him.

Now as an old woman she sits alone with no gloom.

Ten thousand cookies spread out through the room.

Her eyes full of love

Her heart full of hope

She stares at her cookies

She will never mope.

She basks in her glory

Proud of her spread.

She bakes more everyday,

and lives in her head.

You ought not to judge her

your problems are few

if you were in her shoes

Just what would you do?

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