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I Need to Try Harder

by lost

We're friends still.

We're friends right now, We've been friends for a quite a while.

We talk, but not much.

I find myself hoping each day you'll talk to me. What I would do to see you smile.

I watch you talk to everyone else

And I realize that although we're friends, you have better friends than me. Several of them. To you, I'm just one flower in a beautiful garden.

I realize we're friends, we've always been friends

But that's all we'll ever be.

I know that you don't love me

My heart keeps breaking when I realize you don't care for me the way I care for you.

I've tried countless time to end this

I've tried to get over you. I stopped watching you talk to other people. I stopped caring. This time, I believed I had finally won.

But then I look at you.

Not just a glance, but I watch you, I watch you talk to your friends. I watch you smile at them as if they're giving you the world.

And then I talk to you.

I couldn't help it.

And you smile.

Yes, you smile at me. Before I know what's happening, something awakens inside me. I feel within me a feeling I haven't felt in months. A feeling that you last made me feel.

There's no way I'm over you.

It's impossible to get over you.

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