I can't be anything else
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lost I'm still here
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I haven't written here in a while. I find myself on this site more often when I'm upset than happy - take that as you will. This is not my best work nor is it intended to be. Writing is therapeutic. Writing is a way to vent to the world without everyone listening.

I can't be anything else

by lost

I work.

I work for everything I want in life.

Time and time again

I find myself up late nights working, studying, learning.

After all, working gets you where you're going.

Yet time and time again

I find myself failing. Not being good enough. Not working hard enough.

I try not to let myself get wrapped up.

It's not my fault. I did everything I could. I tried my best.

But my best is never enough.

Who knows what I'm lacking.

Who knows what I need.

There's just always someone better.

I'll just never be them.

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