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lostI'm still here
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A message to my Father.


by lost

You don't see her do you?

You don't see her in my room being brave.

Tear stained eyes, telling me she's okay and she's not hurt. 'It's just words.' She says.

You don't see her when you leave for a week

And she tries to be strong but I can see past it. You leave me to take care of her when all she wants is you.

You don't see her when you call her

And her face still lights up even after all you've put her through. I will never understand that.

You don't see her when I stand up for her against you

She sits there nervous because she knows you're going to blame her for it later.

You don't see her when she's happy

You don't get to see her when she's happy. When she's smiling and laughing and dancing. That doesn't exist when you're here.

You don't see her when she sits alone

telling herself everything will be okay if she keeps trying.

But she won't be okay.

Neither will I.

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