Sweeter than honey.
Sweeter than honey. romance stories

losingfaith trying to find my place
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Nothing is sweeter than Honey.

Sweeter than honey.


"Here Sir"

I melt.

I heard her voice for the first time in french class.

It was enchanting to say the least.

Honey Falls.

I fell for her alright.

Right on my face.

Honey? Well, she fell from heaven.

We went for coffee.

We kissed.

I handed her a love heart candy on our second date.

"Be mine?" it read.

"I uh... i gotta go!" she spluttered.

I didn't hear from her for 3 days.

I drove myself crazy.

She didn't like me back, obviously.

I just wanted to burst into tears.

Maybe she was too good for me.

I went to school a few days later, after three days of study leave.

I looked in my locker and a little white circle fell on my shoe.

A candy.


I turned around, and there she was.

"Sorry, I had to think of a sweet way to say yes, but I ended up driving myself crazy thinking about how to do it..."

"so I just copied you... I guess I'm not all that sweet.." she looked at me with puppy eyes.

I smiled.

"Nothing is sweeter than Honey."


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