How it all came about
How it all came about  stories

losingfaith trying to find my place
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the first chapter

How it all came about

I ran

you chased.

in time

my running slowed to a jog.

then a walk.

then, i found i was barely moving at all

for gravity had been stolen from me,

as had my heart.

you showered me with love and attention.

i played hard to get, though my heart begged me not to

but that didnt bother you,

you like a challenge .

within weeks, my heart had won.

it was a warm summers afternoon

when my sister dropped me off to meet you.

i was scared.

'what if' was the start of every scenario in my head.

we sat

we talked

we overcame first date nerves

we walked

we kissed

we fell in love

and a year later, im just as in love as i was that day.


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