Tamaki x female reader *part 1*
Tamaki x female reader *part 1* tamaki stories

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Name: y/n Chaniko Age: 16

Tamaki x female reader *part 1*

Name: y/n Chaniko

Age: 16

Quirk: destruction also known as if your quirk is activated anything you touch will perish

Your a bad girl and don't like rules but are a softie to the ones you love and care about. No that is not two faced you just respect and care about the ones you love.

Today was your first day and you did not care what people thought about you. You walked up to class 1A and kicked the door in and walked over to Mr.

Aizawa who was in a sleeping bag next to his desk. "Introduce yourself to the class and class introduce yourselves" he said with a sigh.

After the class ha introduced themselves you looked over to one boy named Tamaki who was blushing insanely hard, and shot him a wink and a grin causing him to cover his face from embarrassment.

You chuckled "I'm y/n Chaniko" you said before walking over and taking a seat next Tamaki.

"H-hi" he stuttered "hey" you said smiling at him 'damnit I'm getting to comfortable but he is cute nonetheless' you said to yourself.

A few seconds later you felt a hand crawling up your thigh, you looked over to see Tamaki rubbing his hand on your thigh.

You both blushed hardcore and he pulled his hand away "sorry" he said looking away, you gently grabbed his hand and put it back then immediately looked away.

He began rubbing circles with his thumb on your thigh.


You went straight to the cafeteria and got some food but when you went to grab a seat you looked over and saw Tamaki sitting alone and you ran over to, praying you wouldn't drop your food.

"Hey mind if I sit here?" You asked as you slid into the seat next to him "n-no it's fine bunny" he said and scooted a little bit closer to you.

'new nickname i see' you said to yourself smirking, you ruffled his hair lighter "you know, your cute" you said kissing him on the cheek.

He blushed hardcore "thank y-you your really hot" he said then clasped his hands over his mouth realizing what he said. You chuckled "come to my dorm to study tonight" you said in a low growl.

He smirked "will do" he said.

-at your dorm-

You had popcorn and a movie going when you heard a knock at your door "come in!" You yelled and heard the door open and close.

You looked up to see Tamaki without a shirt, and boy he had a six pack my guy he is FINE as hell. You felt your face go red as he came over and sat you on his lap.

"Is b-bunny blushing?" He asked you "n-no" you said covering your face in embarrassment. He moved your hands away from your face and saw his smiling face.

He kissed you lightly and picked you up. "C'mon let's go 'study' in your room" he said carrying you to your room.

-you then 'studied' for a few hours-

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