Bakugou x female reader*part 3*
Bakugou x female reader*part 3* baku stories

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-when you woke up- It was around 7 am and school was going to start soon but thankfully it's Friday and the weekends almost here.

Bakugou x female reader*part 3*

-when you woke up-

It was around 7 am and school was going to start soon but thankfully it's Friday and the weekends almost here.

I heard Bakugou moving around a bit in the kitchen so I walked in to see what he was doing "babe?

" You said yawning as you walked to him and wrapped your arms around his waist and buried your face in his back "morning teddy bear" he said looking over at you "morning" you replied smiling.

He started walking causing you to stumble back, damn he's fast.

You caught yourself on the counter but slipped on a wet spot on the tile and fell smashing your face and head on the edge of the counter.

You could to tell Bakugou got worried when he ran over to you and held you in his arms.

You had a gash across your eye to your jaw and your face was bruised, you tried to be strong and act like it didn't hurt so you wouldn't cry.

Bakugou looked down at you in his arms "teddy bear you don't have to be strong and brave I know that hurt you can cry it's fine" he said calming you down. You really were hurting bad.

He ran to the bathroom and grabbed the first aid kit.

He began to clean you up and bandage you.

"Ah shit this is gonna scar" he said looking at the one across your eye and jaw,

you looked down "it's gonna make me ugly isn't it your probably not gonna want anything to do with me if it scars right" you said getting ready but still holding it in.

Bakugou picked your chin up so you were looking at him "hell no I love you now and always will no matter what happens" he said and hugged you, you were hesitant but hugged him back and balled.

He wrapped half of your face up with a bandage "it should heal sometime this week" he said kissing you gently. You smiled "thanks for the help" you said leaving the room and laying on the couch.

He came in a few seconds after you and went to his room. You got curious and cracked his door to see what he was doing, you ran out when you saw Bakugou changing and had his shirt off.

You could hear him chuckling in his room. You went and got dressed for school to, the both of you left a few minutes later and got to class.

You walked in and everybody stared "what happened" Mr.Aizawa asked looking at you "I fell and smashed my face on a counter" you said blankly.

"Please take of the bandage" he said and you slid the bandage off so that now everyone could see your scar and thankfully it had stopped bleeding.

The whole room went silent when they saw your face, mina and Uraka ran down to hug you "oh my god are you ok?" Mina asked concerned for you "I'm fine just a simple scar" you said smiling.

You decided to stick with Bakugou during training today. The day was same as usual training, practice and work oh and can't forget the many injuries.

-back at your dorm-

You were sitting on your bed playing video games when you heard a knock at your door.

"Come in!" You yelled from the other room, the door opened and closed "I'm in my room" you said to whoever had walked in. A few seconds later Bakugou walked through your door.

"Hey teddy bear" he said sitting next to you "hey you replied pausing the game "need something?

" You asked looking over at him "yeah I have a question why did you not go with anyone else but me today?" He asked looking at you.

You sighed "I have social anxiety really bad and don't like people or being in a conversation with people I'll get freaked and have a panic attack" you said looking

down feeling embarrassed thinking he would judge you.

Instead he stroked your hair "it's ok just what makes me different?" He asked "I don't know it never happens around people I love or care about" you replied.

"Then why did you seem fine when round face and raccoon eyes came up to you".

You looked down "I was having a panic attack on the inside and tried my best to not let anyone see" you said and then felt his hands grab your waist and sit you on his lap as

he began rubbing circles with his thumbs on your thighs. You leaned back into him and fell asleep.

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