And The Rain Stopped
And The Rain Stopped fear stories

loserin_theesun free flow, free thought
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i wasn't there when it happened, but i could hear the shouting on the other side of the farm. It wasn't that she was a cruel dog, she was just damaged; abused as a pup and demented as a mother.
I remember Tim running my way, shouting "Come on boy, up to the house, Hannahs been bit." i bolted up the hill past the snarling maremma and burst through the door, only to look into a brave face cracking into tears and fear.

And The Rain Stopped

but it was still cold even as the stars rose up red from mountains of pink peach and green, pitted with seeds of swollen snow to grow to go get leave away from here a horrid face of gusting envy to bursting rage tearing tears from faces of cruel men;

crueler dogs live in shadows said he, but he stood far

into the mist waiting for you, not moving

asking you, yourself, bring yourself and come closer.

not a man a tree a disfigured shadow of a silhouette in the dark

almost hiding, but confident enough to call out;

hello, paradise, leave me be

(a man who has himself) does not need paradise.

Yet, you would walk if your feet were freely unfrozen,

your mind melted by eagerness of want.

(i wish i knew nothing)

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