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Today we shall lazily drift on the mystical, mythical Orinoco River.


On the Shore (pen & ink) drawing © Lorraine Caputo

HAPPY WORLD RIVERS DAY! The last Sunday of September is World Rivers Day :

Latin America has some mighty rivers - the most famous being the Amazon (and which, according to some calculations, is the longest river in the world).

The most mythical, however, is the Rio Orinoco, which flows though the llanos (plains) of Colombia and Venezuela and is 2,250 kilometers long. It drains into the Atlantic Ocean.

In the category of largest discharge of water by a river, it ranks fourth in the world.

Its name comes from the indigenous Warao language and means "a place to paddle" (guiri = paddle and noko = place - or "a navigable place").

Now - let us be cross the mighty, the mythical Orinoco River in Venezuela ...

Safe Journeys!


--gracias a Enya y Douglas

--multi-voice, sung chorus

Ever since I was a child I have dreamed of mounting you & sailing far away to the sea on the slow-flowing waters

Sail away Sail away Sail away

A muddy snake serpentining almost fifteen-hundred miles past high mountains, through dense jungles & across the llano plains

Sail away Sail away Sail away

I want to reach down & gather your many bouldered islands into a garland ‘round my neck bronzéd by your humid sun

Sail away Sail away Sail away

I want to drape myself with your golden dry-season beaches & with those verdant-fringed shores of your many months of rain

Sail away Sail away Sail away

We’ll watch caimans & piranhas, the manatees swimming past jaguars come to the water’s edge & the birds flying o’erhead

Sail away Sail away Sail away

Let us float the wide waters past Caicara, through the narrows of Angostura, down downstream to dark River Caroní

Sail away Sail away Sail away

Then into the many channels lacing through fertile delta lands until we reach the calm blue- silver Caribbean Sea

Sail away Sail away Sail away

Ever since I was a child I have dreamed of sailing with you but the boats have long since ceased & I will still have to dream of …

Sailing away Sailing away Sailing away

published in: Ballads (Nottingham, UK: Dagda Publishing, 2014)

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