Why am I here?
Why am I here? honestly stories

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An observation on being here

Why am I here?

This is an observation not a story but I hope you will read it as it pertains to all here

I have noticed after being on this site something special and enlightening.

There is in so many of the stories some common themes Love, loss, rejection, longing for relationships and belonging

But there is something bigger, so many different ages, male and female and all in a way the same

Everyone here bares their soul, shares their pain till we feel the tears and heartache as each word of deepest truth is exposed here where anywhere else it would be hidden

I read such kind words from people that know we may never meet in real life but yet we are there encouraging and supporting each other more then the superficial-people most of us come across in our day to day lives

We all give as much as we spill from our very souls and on here we hold little back and get to know the real unhidden selves

I would never want this to become a cheap date site, those can be true shallowness and lies, but I see a true honesty here

Here with our creativity and truth we get to know each other better then most people could and will do in school, jobs or family

We see we are not hurting or longing alone. And maybe in a fantastic way we have found a true home. A place with those that understand and are there with nothing to gain but friendship and sharing

Maybe we have a place where a soulmate can be found as without phone calls, pictures or other physical ways we instead see what is important, your true self, your soul, your joys, your pain. Who you are

Here we can know we are not that alone, we have true friends and there is yet true hope!

Thank you to everyone who has not only read my stories but to everyone here that has liked or commented on someone’s work. Each simple act can make someone’s day and shine a light in a dark world! Thank you all from a humbled man

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