Who am I?
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loremasterSeeker of life’s truths and writing it
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Facing the mirrors truth

Who am I?

When faced in my mind mirror, where nothing can hide, you face the raw honest question “Who am I?”

I am all my faults, fears, worries acts, deeds and thoughts.

I am a persons who has failed others, failed myself, failed to do better.

I’m a person that tried to love try to be a friend tried to be there for others but they all left so that is my fault.

I am ashamed to see myself and face all I have done or failed to do. Voices echo my failed trials, relationships jobs and promises without pause or remorse

I am alone, I am scared, I am fighting life, fighting to make it another day as I see my dreams die and take a part of me with them

I am full of love and romance no one wants, and depression and anxiety that probably causes them to turn away

I am at s point where I don’t know why I am here anymore and wonder if anyone would know if I left

I am small in the universe and though I can see much I have not helped others enough. I am losing chances and can blame no one but myself.

In the end the truth screams out of a tear filled face of pain. I am no one in a universe of people that live and matter and I am sorry

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