The Magic Dancer
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A dream of a dream night if only it could be

The Magic Dancer

Every red velvet seat was full, the golden ornamentations all reflected light off their perfectly polished surfaces. The large crystal chandler gave off prisms of color as any light hit it

Everyone dressed up, everyone focused on the stage, a simple back ground of a mountain side with props of an palace yard. A Latin rhythm filled the place or art, feeding the senses of sight and sound.

The world could fall away and I would not notice as I lose myself in her magical dancing that takes me out of reality and into a world of pleasure and beauty.

Her dress, satin, silk and lace, in bright blue with colors of red and yellow flower blooms swirl and twist as her body, her entrancing body stays one with the music, there is no separation her arms are the rhythm, her legs the harmony, her hips the beat and her eyes the passion flowing through the instruments.

She is living art to me, she is the intense emotion of the Pieta, as bright a soul as the Sistine chapel ceiling. Her eyes are as blue green as the sea with all its energy and force. I feel my breathing slow and my heart beat increase with each graceful movement of her flowing body as it takes me into a world of beauty that would bring tears of joy to a statue.

Time has lost its power, nothing exists but her and the art she has become. In my mind the ceiling has vanished and the light that shines on her are the stars and planted enveloping her, bowing to the brightness of her soul as she shines it with ever tiny movement of a finger or leg.

As lost as I am in the moment a thought chimes in reminding me, tonight, this amazing awe inspiring night, after all have been filled with her art, her beauty her very souls energy.

That I will be next her. To night this night of all nights, I will have time with this magical woman of art and beauty, blinding as she is I can’t look away and the thoughts of what will or could be this night fill my head like shooting stars!

A kiss would be a galaxy of pleasures I know I have never felt, her voice will fill me like the greatest symphonies of the masters, a touch....there would be no words.

Tonight as the magic flows through her, could be my last night and I would not care. A moment with her is an eternity of joys and pleasures no one else can now. Her eye during a spin catches mine for a flicker of time and everything stops.....we connect a million emotions silently broadcast at once that no one else can feel.

Tonight my night with the pure art of my beautiful elegant dancer! What will happen is unknown, the possibilities as vast as all the stars lighting her up! Tonight, tonight I pray will never end!

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