The latest from BS creations: the instant news generator!
The latest from BS creations: the instant news generator! humor stories

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The best source for today’s news and just as real!

The latest from BS creations: the instant news generator!

Do you not have time to wait for the news to come on? Do you not like searching or clicking on the flood of internet news?

Well here at BS creations we have your answer! Just click on your downloaded app and with one random creations button push you have your daily or weekly news! Let’s face it it never changes!

Here are just some examples: Political news, Today (random party or political person) is being investigated for a scandal! No hard evidence found yet but there must be something!

World news; Today the counties of (two random Middle East countries, or North Korea) have threatened to start conflicts at any time, tension run high and oil prices increase due to the chance of conflict.

Local news: Today at (local business randomly picked) was held up, a car chase was commenced with s car full of (insert substance) and (insert animal) is being highlighted for being cute and helping someone.

Weather. Ok just spin the wheel and insert chance of or partially. There is no scientific way to predict weather past 3 hours and even that’s a reach.

Entertainment: Shocking the world (insert random name) is in rehab for (insert substance) and (insert other celebrity) is now ( insert relationship stays) with (insert other celebrity) !

That’s just a sample of the hard hitting news you can get with a simple random button push that is as fact proven as the current news companies today!

Another great product from BS creation where the only news is BS news!!!

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