Romance never to see
Romance never to see romance stories

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Born with one desire to love

Romance never to see

Since I was just a boy the thing I wanted the most was to have love

As I grew so did my desire and understanding of what it was

I long for the rose petal soft touch from lips in a kiss

The feeling of hearts beating as one in embrace

The warmth of two bodies so close to be one

Someone to make smile with millions of small gestures and filling her desires

Always to be there no mater how bad, to be the shoulder to cry on when tears fall so sad

To give all of me and make them the center of my world, never let them forget they are special and lovely to behold

With every word and every deed make sure they never have an unfulfilled want or need

Unrequited love asking nothing return, but to let me give all the love that in me burns

Yet in the end after all of these years, attempts and searches leave my love unwanted and my soul filled with tears

Can there be a greater Hell on earth for any one to know then to be filled with purest love that no one wants to know

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