Please let me forget!!!
Please let me forget!!!
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loremasterSeeker of life’s truths and writing it
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When all hope drowns

Please let me forget!!!

Like an anchor my memories are dragging me ever deeper down to a bottomless hole of regret and depression

As much as I try I can’t break free of all the memories that haunt my every waking moment

I hear every cruel word said to me and every time I said something wrong

The memory of everyone who left my life and everything I feel I did wrong

The memory of all the time I was shown a brief chance of acceptance or connection only to disappear as life laughs at my failure

The memories of the looks of disgust from people walking by, or the words they say about what they think I am and I beg to know why

The memories of brief love I had that stabbed me in the back, once again cruel life you always get the last laugh

Memories of chances I had to get a break or take a trip. Just a chance to maybe feel a smallest bit of happiness

My memories all turn dark and eat me inside like a cancer, poisoning me to the point I’m scared to speak or try again

I feel the darkness crushing me like the pressure of the deepest sea and every second it seems to build threatening to finish me

Please. Please please if there is a power out there, grant me even an hour, a minute a moment reprieve

Let me escape my drowning chain, let me feel warmth upon my face, let me have a small time of peace before there is nothing left of me!

My memories are a chain to which I can’t escape and are dragging me down a bottomless hell. I pray no one is taken with me

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