Hello! Anyone out there?
Hello! Anyone out there? fear stories

loremasterSeeker of life’s truths and writing it
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When you know your truly alone

Hello! Anyone out there?

You reach out with your heart and soul

You send complements and honest descriptions of yourself

You are on many sites and groups

You are alone in room, in a house, in a job

The only sound you hear is if the radio or TV is on

You want to feel part of the world to belong, to be real

You want to know someone knows you exist and are wrong in your self destructive thoughts

The hours go by and go into days as you never hear the sound that someone has replied

No calls, no text, no replies no sign you are known at all

Your feel isolated, crushed, defeated and alone

As the days go by you finally ask “would the world even know if I disappeared or died?”

The silent phone and empty mail box screams the answer, you don’t matter, you don’t mean a thing to anyone or anything

You stare at the empty abyss, as tears role down your burning face, why dear God was I even born

To face a life of pain alone, and the reply remains the same....

No message, no call, no mail no reason why your here at all

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