Fear and regret
Fear and regret  apolopy stories

loremaster Seeker of life’s truths and writing it
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The fear of being misunderstood

Fear and regret

The minutes seem to stop, my mind goes into overdrive

What if’s pile like a mountain of shame blocking out all light and warmth!

Did I say something wrong? What if what was meant as a harmless subject upset instead?

Could I really be so bad to hurt someone I wanted to uplift? How is it I can’t say anything right?

My mind envisions a ball of crystal clear beauty slip past my tear filled shaking fingers and shatter into a million shards of regrets.

The nights become tortured dreams as I fear I do the last thing I want, and a voice echos in my mind this is why you’ll always be alone!!

All I wanted was to connect on a deeper level and instead I misspoke and turned a beautiful soul and incredible person away!

A life full of fear and regrets that I will always say something wrong. And if these fears are true then I truly deserve to be alone

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