BS Creations Potty training chair system!
BS Creations Potty training chair system! satier stories

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New electric non medicated trading method

BS Creations Potty training chair system!

Are you a overworked teacher, tired babysitter or frustrated mother with kids that just won’t stop wetting themselves?

Then we here have the solution for you! BS creations electric chair training system!

If you have tried therapy, meds, the corner, videos, special potty chairs or any other method and got no where this is your FINAL method needed!

Just plug the 50,000 volt chair in and sit the kiddo down and the moment they start to wet themselves they will JUMP out as the shock reminds them to use the toilet!

It’s that simple, after only a few times they will never want to risk wetting themselves again or....wait just told should not finish that statement by our ever growing legal team!

Perfect for classrooms or home out chair formally of the correctional system will finish their wetting for good!

Warning: may cause tremors, psychosis, medium rare, jumpiness, PTSD, over full bladders, shaking and pants soiling

Also ask for our remote control and also use it for ADHD non medication treatment! One click of the button and get their attention!! Get them while we are still in business! BS creation where we guarantee results, we swear on your life!

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