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loremasterSeeker of life’s truths and writing it
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A wish for the basic things most have

A humble wish

I wish to whatever power out there deciding my life’s every event

I have faced everything thrown at me, I have tried to be strong and not give up

I try to do all that I need to do and help those around me as well

I try to work hard and pay my bills and keep my word. I try and build people up and help them through their trials

So my wish, please, please Please can I have a moment rest, free of the constant worry of what will happen next to me

Please let me not hear all the cruel things said about me, not see the look of the monster they physically see me as in their eyes as they walk by

Most of all can somehow, someway can there be someone who can like me for me, want to be my friend and share with me

And please may I even for just a day not be totally alone only addressed when I’m needed as a tool to be used!

Life I don’t expect riches, fame, total happiness or excess, I just want a little rest and a friend, please I beg you this while I still exist. Thank you

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