Survival game show part1
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Everly harbor our main character enters the contest to get himself out of poverty. But he starts to realize something strange. he's never seen a loser leave the island. a game show with contests to test your strength and ability the winner receives 10,000 dollars. is this game show hiding something? Is there more then they are letting on. This isn't about the contest anymore this is really Life or death?

Survival game show part1

*cough* cough* Everly hears his sister coughing he walks over to his sister and pats her back. he hands her the water and she takes a sip before setting it back down Everly: "hey lay down for a bit" Everly sits up and gets up for work. Eli "brother are you leaving again" Everly: "I'm sorry Eli I have to go to work" she pats Eli's head Everly:" you'll be fine on your own i can trust you right?" Eli:" yeah.."

Everly: "good ill be back in a few hours there is soup in the fridge" he swings his bag over his shoulders and gives his sister a kiss on the cheek before leaving. he runs down the side walk he trips on his own shoe lace and has to do it back up. as he gets up he notices a piece of paper under his shoe. he takes it out from under his shoe and looks over it. its an ad for a game show he reads it over

10,000 dollars that would be more than enough for Elis meds ... he says to himself. He stands there for a moment before picking up the flyer and stuffing it in his pocket Everly: "well it is on my way to work " he begins walking in the way of the building. he walks down the side walk till he reaches a tall building the building is large and has a giant sign on the front that said gpr tv station.

The inside of the building is very purple except for the pink carpet. Purple walls purple furniture the theme of the building was very unusual not what you would expect for a large business like this one. Despite this i made my way over to the woman sitting at the desk. i walk up to her Everly: "hey i would like to apply for this show"

the woman hands me a form without making eye contact then points to a chair Woman:" put it on my desk when you are done filling it out. i take a seat and begin filling out the form the questions were simple i finish it and hand it back to the woman she looks at it than says "okay the transport will arrive to pick you up on Friday.

Everly: " that's tomorrow" woman:" is that a problem?" Everly:" no its just a little soon" the woman shrugs and goes back to whatever work she was doing on the computer. i skip work that day and go home to pack up i call my grand mother to watch after eli well i am gone.

i wake up early the next morning and give my grandmother and younger sister a hug goodbye before rushing out the door. A large viengping bus is right outside my house i glance over at my sister and hop on the bus.

Part 2 Fresh faces

The bus is full of people I've never seen before. i walk down the row looking for a spot to sit i see a man around my age. i slide into the seat next to him he was wearing a long thick coat he had short wavy brown hair. he seemed to distracted to notice me beside him. through out the ride We stopped a few more times to pick up more people.

There was pair of sparkly female twins, a large man, and a woman who looked to be in her 30's the woman had a small yappy dog with her she argued with the bus driver who told her to leave her dog at home eventually she got tired of yelling and handed her dog to who i think is her husband or boyfriend.

after driving for an hour or so the bus stopped at the docs. Everyone got out of the bus and put life jackets on and boarded a boat. i felt nauseous the whole time and spent most of the ride with my head over the side.

???" you know you should never eat before boarding a boat if you get sick easy" said the stranger in a matter of fact tone. I turn to see who it is I'm faced with a man around my age he has jet black hair and brown eyes.

he is sat there reading a book. Everly: "well I didn't know there was going to be a boat" ???"guess you should have read the pamphlets' then" he said as he went back to his book. I decide I might as well get to know some people I walk over to those sparkly twins from earlier.

As soon as i look over to them they come up to me twin 1 :"hi hi" Twin 2 : "hello nice to meet you!" They great me and i wave in response they look me over. They seem already bored with me and go back to greeting others. I sigh and sit back on the ground. I stare out at the open sea wind blowing through my hair wandering where this boat will go.

Suddenly the intercom starts up I hear an enthusiastic male voice. ???:" Welcome everyone and thank you for participating. I'm sure you all are wandering where we are headed We are going to a Very Special island full of challenges I'm sure you all will enjoy. The boat ride will end shortly". The intercom shuts off.

The man with the book puts it away into a burlap sack and swings it over his shoulders. The twins rush to the front of the boat i follow them. There, at the front of the boat I see a giant island. After a few minutes the boat approaches the doc and a large mechanical stair case sprouts from the side of the boat and onto the doc. everyone gets off in a single fashion line.

We are greeted by a strange pink and purple robot with a tv screen head and body decorated with buttons it held a unnecessary microphone considering the noise came out of a voice box on its chest the tv man spoke.

Tv man:" everyone and welcome to survival island please allow me to introduce myself i am boxel your host i was the one speaking over the intercom earlier. I think to myself that's strange if its here how was it talking over the intercom on the boat? must have been pre recorded i say to myself. Boxel:" Our first challenge begins tomorrow until then feel free to explore the island".

The robot walks off leaving us on the docs.

I notice a map of the island I decide on heading straight to the apartments so i walk down the docs and onto a stone pathway

Walking down the stone pathway by myself I feel an overwhelming sense of unease. maybe it was the way the trees looked almost metallic. Or maybe it was the lack of explanation, the only people I've seen since I got here was the other contestants somethings just not right.

I hear a stick snap behind me i spin around heart racing and see the man with the book from before.

Book guy:" looks like the others chose to fatten themselves up at the cafeteria, a bad choice considering the challenge tomorrow, so are you playing explorer or are you headed some where?" Everly:" I'm headed to the dorms its been a long day" Book guy: "you wont find them going the wrong direction". Everly:" fine, which way is the right direction?"

i ask him annoyed. Book guy:" since I'm going to the dorms anyway I guess I could show you the way." they walk in silence for around 30 minutes before arriving at the apartments.

On the table in the lobby are a list of our assigned rooms. the book guy points to my name and laughs book guy: that dude has a girls name" Everly: "that's my name" book guy:" i mean-". i roll my eyes.

and head to my room he heads to his room. i begin unpacking all my belongings and putting it in my dresser. When I finish I lay in bed and fall asleep. An alarm goes off waking me up.

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