"I Lost Love at Six Forty-five" By: Loquacious Makata

     "I Lost Love at Six Forty-five"

           By: Loquacious Makata stories

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"I Lost Love at Six Forty-five" By: Loquacious Makata

6:30 pm.

I'm not expecting you to come, but you did

And that presence of yours never failed to make me bleed

Those mesmerizing eyes;so beautiful and deep,

Still never failed to make my heart regret and weep.

And then I heared your voice upon my head,

singing those songs I used to love,

Playing sweet lovely melodies repeatedly,

Bringing my fantasies up above.

I reminisce those days of our endless conversation

Which quite feels like I got all your attention

And I remember how it makes me feel so stupid

To believe that everything was all because of Cupid..

I recalled how I used to cry at night silently

Begging to God "Please save his heart for me",

And I promise Him to hold and take care of it; Forever,

But He didn't even gave us the chance to be together..

I deplore the time I let myself fall for you again,

And engage my own self in an endless pain,

I regret those times I let my tears fell like rain,

For someone who din't even knew my value,

Someone who won't ever dare to answer my "I Love You!"..

And here comes the clock, striking quarter to seven,

Waking up my mind lost in the space of about two kilometers

So I bid goodbye to those lonely thoughts of yours

As I free them up around the church parameters.

Yeah! It's 6:45 in the evening when I lost my love for you,

When I throw away those memories of hopeless love that's true ---

It's six forty-five when I set my feelings free

Hoping that it'll come back one day,

When you too, has the same thing for me.

It's six forty- five when our glances met,

And nothing creeps on me

Just regrets --- for those unfulfilled dreams and fantasy,

It's six forty - five when I let go of my love so true..

It's six forty-five and I lost the love I once had for you..

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