Deuteronomy chapter 5: Unstopable Force
Deuteronomy chapter 5: Unstopable Force shonen stories

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Blake met up with Paxton at the lobby "Oi! We are a team in here. If you need any tips just ask me" he told Paxton Paxton nodded "Right!" He smiled

Deuteronomy chapter 5: Unstopable Force

Blake met up with Paxton at the lobby "Oi! We are a team in here. If you need any tips just ask me" he told Paxton

Paxton nodded "Right!" He smiled

The announcer walked over to them and handed them watches. They were made of gold and had a round glass ball in the middle. It had a D.

C signature on it "These will track what round you are on and how many points you obtain. The top 16 teams will pass" he said

Paxton nodded and put it on "Alright!"

Blake and Paxton were dropped off together at one part of the forest

Blake looked around as his red Gema shined around his body

Paxtons paleish yellow Gema glew around him "What exactly did they mean by monster?"

"Mostly monsters of the Beast type. I cant imagine they would send anything above it at us" Blake said

A wolf came running at them

Blake jumped at it to allow the wolf to bite him. Steam started coming out of Blakes eyes as it did. He threw the wolf towards space and it vanished.

ROUND 1 DONE showed up on their watches Points 1

"So thats how your Gema works!" Paxton said

Blake nodded "Yeah. Just allow me to rip and tear! These beasts are made of Gema so dont worry about killing"

Paxton nodded. Two wolves charged at him. Paxton touched Blake for a moment. Steam came out of his eyes and he uppercut the wolves. They poofed ROUND 2 DONE. POINTS 3

The steam vanished from Paxtons eyes

"Oi...Did you just?" Blake turned to Paxton

"I call it roundabout" he winked and giggled

The rounds came and went. More and more beasts attacked them slowly advancing to more dangerous creatures

Blake Drac

Offensive Gema

Steam Engine







Blake had steam coming from almost every point of his body. His Gema was overshadowed by the steam at this point

Paxton was breathing heavily


Blake twitched "Oh come on!

A Oni made of a purple Gema stepped foward to them

Blake ran up to punch it but it only made the oni step back. He slammed Blake with his club

"Blake!" Paxton tried running to help him but the Oni punched the air and pushed him back

Steam erupted from the hole Blake was in as he stepped out of it. He jumped back to help Paxton "Wanna hear my plan..." he asked him

Paxton smirked "I think I know what you mean" he pat his back as steam erupted over his body. Paxtons body twitched "God damn!"

Blake laughed "We gotta make your short usage count" He grabbed Paxtons hand "Team attack!"

Paxton got ready "STEAM VULCAN!" he yelled as Blake hurled him at the Oni

Blake jumped towards him as well

The two of them both hit the Oni in the middle of his chest and made a hole in it. The two did a pose as the steam vanished along with the Oni


"Paxton we did i- Paxton!" Blake looked at Paxton

Paxton was on his knees shaking a bit "Im...fine...just a bit tired out" he laughed

Blake helped him up and the two waited for the blimp to arrive

Once it arrived Paxton and Blake were picked up by it

Ely and Joto were waiting for them there

"You guys won!" Ely clapped " he alright?" She tilted her head

Paxton gave a thumbs up "My master made me become durable" he laughed

"But you were the last team to win however. The fact Blake let everything hit him kinda slowed you down" Joto said

"It also allowed us to win" Blake said "Thats all that matters"

"Tomorrow half of us will be gone. Only 16 pass" Ely said "We gotta be careful about that"

Blake nodded "And then I will crush you all!" He laughed and walked away

"Interesting fellow" Paxton giggled

"I should get going too. My master needs me to help her with something" Ely said "See ya later" she walked away

Joto nodded. He left as well

Paxton decided to go and find PT

PT was in their room. They had their weapons neatly positioned on the bed as if they are sleeping.

Paxton entered the room "I won!" He said happily

PT turned to Paxton "Thats great! However you could of been a bit more careful"

Paxton nodded "Yeah but we won! Tomorrow we apparently will do a deffense/support test"

"You should be ablw to pass that" PT nodded "Be careful though. You have about a 50/50 chance of winning"

Paxton smiled "Dont worry. I will shine through!" He said as his Paleish yellow Gema glew again and he went out the room

"Paxton...You really dont know what world you are getting yourself into" PT sighed as he sat down by the window

Paxton. Passing the first test happily goes to his room to rest. Tomorroq he will face a 50% chance of success. And if he does he makes it to the final test.

Will he pass or not? Find out next time on DEUTERONOMY CHAPTER 6: Immovable Object. Coming 6/11

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