I love you on dolphins
I love you on dolphins valentine's day stories

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A poem for our first Valentines Day, to a man who loves astronomy, sex, and puns.

Lovers first, babe.

I love you on dolphins

It's Valentines Day, and with glee I must say here’s to a first, but despite being curt, It’s pertinent to curse this day as the worst for depleting purses in place of bouquets.

The worst, it needn’t be, the world, you mean to me, a chance to date, let’s take it, and later we’ll make it under who’s blanket, who cares, as long as there’s a lamp for me to see you.

The love of my life. With you in it, I’m rife with gleams as I beam a smile each time I see my lock-screen.

It’s you, to whom I am true, and fortune is mine now I’ve managed to glue you to me, forever thine.

Speaking of time, and now that you’re primed, with this poem I chime some clues to the plans I’ve made for tonight.

Before a bite, we’ll delight as we sight Aphrodite take flight across a sky that is bright. Then we’ll peruse, through night lights and food, have a vino or two to comedic and “true” stories of love, lust, and taboo.

When the stars bloom, it is time to take room, in an Uber, presumed, back home to a bed in which we will shed our outside skins and just be in love.

Until the morning, and after our running, You’ll still be with me, chilling, consuming coffee and eating breakfast 'fore roaming in Cliff where you’ll join me in moving through space to a place that is cheesy.

Just like this poem. In tome I am showing a trust that is knowing you’ll love me regardless of all of my nonsense and tendence for rambling. Accidents, absent. My love for you, conscious.

So thank you, you’re golden, the man I’ll grow old with, for letting displays of my lamest emotions not get in the way of me trying to say, I love you on dolphins, it is no mistake.

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