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As I leave my teen years, I have learned so much, From failure at a young age to depression, anxiety and an eating disorder as I got older. It wasn't all bad. I've been on top, on the bottom and everywhere in-between. Here is my tough, confusing and at times awesome journey. Hope you enjoy.

Its a Good Life

It’s a good life

I need to lose weight

I need to get better

It’s still a good life

You’ll never be good enough

You’ll never make it

It’s life

My life is lost

My life means little

It’s a good… Is it?

That girl doesn’t like, like you

That girl says your friends.. so, YOUR FRIENDS

It’s a long life

Ankles break

Ankles don’t always heal

It’s a tough life

People forget

People move on

It’s a cold life

Friends they come

Friends they go

It’s a backstabbing life

I don’t wanna leave

I cannot wait to get back

It’s a hurtful life

I feel empty

I feel like killing myself

It’s a shitty life

Someone helped

Someone loved

It’s a good life

It will always be a damn good life


As you age

As you turn the page

Remember a few things,

Play the cards you were dealt best you can

Cause even aces get cracked

And you won’t get them often

Always remember who was there

Never forget who wasn’t

Keep the good time close to your heart

Keep the bad ones closer

Because there is so much beauty in struggle

And without bad times, there’d be no good ones

What happens never defines you

How you react does

And you get what you give

So punch your own ticket

There is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel

But you wont get there sitting on the platform

Never forget a friend

Because people are still good, trust me.

Your scars don’t always show

So make sure you and the people who care see them

Not everyone cares

Find the ones that do

And try to be the one who cares to others

Make everyday count

And always have something to look forward to

You’ll never remember a night you got enough sleep

So step out of your comfort zone. Try something new- even though you’ll regret it sometimes

Life is full of small victories, everyday

Win the day

Don’t forget to reward yourself for them

You probably deserve it

You’ll find yourself being the little guy a lot

Embrace that

Use that to your advantage

They’ll never see you coming!

Try to laugh

And never take anything too serious

Life can be better that way sometimes

Your mind is as important as your matter

Be sure take care of both

Look up

But keep up

Things are cool

Cool people are cooler

And bad people are the worst

So listen to the good music

But never underestimate the power of conversation

Because people can help

While everyone’s world doesn’t revolve around you

Your mothers does, your dad’s usually does too

There are rough patches

And they always seem worse than the good ones seem good

But winter isn’t forever

And summer isn’t always what it cracks up to be

So find the good in both

No matter where you are in your life

There are good times to be had

Life has mysteries

Life has misery- (a lot of misery)

And tomorrow is a new day

If you keep calm, work hard and just do right

Life can be a damn good thing

It really is a good life

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