Tain and Ghos (unfinished)
Tain and Ghos (unfinished) shortstory stories

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Tain and Ghos; Tales of Tihnland. A land who will face a long war for the survival of the fittest. And how wrong they were.

By: Alonso Velázquez

Tain and Ghos (unfinished)

by Alonso Velázquez

A long time ago in the distant land of Tihnland, men and women were living on a valley surrounded by impenetrable forests and mountains.

People where for many generations, unconscious of the land's limited resources, and after one hundred years,

an elder with the name of Salan who was 103 years old noticed how the place changed for the last century,

he started to worry about what could happen if the situation got bad for future generations.

When a young man called Enc, around his late twenties, who was a carpenter and house builder heard about this, he thought that this issue could be disastrous if wasn't handled with the needed seriousness. "What could be of our kids, and the children of them!" he thought.

One day Salan called Enc to build a staircase for his granddaughter's house, Salan used this moment to talk to Enc

"Please young man!

Listen to this old senior,

who's time on earth is near to an end" Enc accepted to hear the old man's voice full of wisdom and he told him how the land space has changed for the last hundred years,

and that men weren't using the soil as they should. "Man is getting greedier!, when i was a boy, it was common to give what was spare, because there were less people inhabiting this land.


people don't dare to share a singl' bit of bread or even a drop of water!

" Enc thought about what the old man was saying, he got sad on how right he was, so he continued listening to how life was many decades ago.

After an hour of listening, it got dark outside and he decided to go home, but before leaving, he asked Salan something.

"I need to make a last question, How did you lived for so long?

, you don't look a day over sixty!" To this question, the apparent old man turned around and took off his dusty old brown robe, and showed his neck. Where he wore a collar with a blue ball.

"This, is a magic pendant ...

the one who wears it, becomes less affected by ageing, i could easily live up to one thousand years with this on, but no one has ever done that,

because there is no point living one thousand years if you could not move from your chair! Enc then replied:

"But why is the pendant not making you immune to your physical ageing?" To this answer Salan replied:

"We will talk tomorrow, now go home, thanks for listening to me, not even my youngest son, who is fifty five, would listen to me as you do..." These words moved Enc, and made him more curious about the story behind the pendant, and why the old man was so confident with him.

The next morning, Enc wanted to visit old Salan's home, and ask him to talk about the pendant and the situation. But he had to clean his garden from trunks and leaves, as his wife told him to do so as a favour. "the garden has been like this for weeks, there are a lot of spiders and snakes, i can't be relaxed if there are critters in my backyard think of our baby!"

But Enc really wanted to go with old Salan, going in the afternoon wasn't an option, since he would be in the woods working, so he disobeyed his wife and went onwards to the old man's cottage.

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