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lonewolf4588Community member
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For me, this story shows the importance of knowing you mean something to someone even if you don’t realize it all the time.

That Call

     I closed my eyes, then opened them. I was looking out upon a beautiful sunset over the valley as I sat over the edge of the ridge, the one place where I could always find peace. I looked down upon the luscious landscape – the vibrant green trees, the shimmering water of the lake, the beautiful colors of the clouds being cast by the setting sun. This is where I always wanted to be, my haven.

I took a deep breath and cast my eyes downward, leaning forward a bit to observe the steep drop below my dangling feet. It was a dangerous position to be in, but it didn't scare me. I was mesmerized, my breath caught in my throat as my adrenaline level slightly rose.

Quickly, I leaned back and looked to the horizon again. As I watched the sun slowly disappear, my eyes began to tear up; and the pain in my chest made itself known.

The pain was overwhelming and put a tremendous weight on my shoulders. Even though I could feel the pain, I still felt empty, alone. I was convinced that nothing could hurt worse, so I stood up. I looked out upon that beautiful scene and stepped to the edge, once again mesmerized by the drop as I looked down.

I smirked and kicked a rock over the edge, watching as it took the plunge to the rocks below. As I watched, tears streamed down my face; and I closed my eyes.

My adrenaline began to rise even more, allowing a numb feeling to course through my body. I was scared, yet somehow relieved at the same time. I took a breath, slightly annoyed by a faint ringing in the distance. Before I could give it a second thought, I began to raise my foot to take that final step, but the ringing grew louder.

I shook my head, lowered my hand, and opened my eyes – looking to the side to see my phone with an incoming call lying on the bed. I took a shaky breath and answered it. A voice I hadn't heard in quite a while came through, cheerful as ever. It was you, my old friend, asking me how I've been. You asked me to meet you down by the lake to hang out with friends, catch up, and just do it like old times.

You said that you had to go and hoped that you hadn't caught me in the middle of something. I grinned, my face soaked with tears, and looked down at my other hand, dropping my revolver to the floor; a great relief washing over me.

I could feel the weight lifting from my shoulders and the pain fading. Answering, I said that I was glad you caught me, and it was good to hear from you. I hung up the phone and stood up, turning to look at myself in the mirror.

My focus was on the smile stretched across my face. Seeing that, I started to gather my things and proceeded to load them into the truck. That one call pulled me away from the edge. I left that revolver lying right there on the floor, for I had an old friend and nice cold drink waiting for me down at the lake.

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