Daddy’s Home

                  Daddy’s Home  #horror stories

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A little girl and her mother run in fear from a mysterious dark figure

Daddy’s Home

Susie sat in the living room, staring into the dark closet with her elegant green eyes while twirling her finger in her beautiful blonde hair. An eerie smile spread across the young child's face as the darkness in the closet seemed to grow even darker.     

Out of nowhere Susie's mother, Jennifer, slams the closet shut, grabbing Susie and making a run for it. Jennifer's eyes were wide with fear and bloodshot from exhaustion; her long, brown hair was tangled and lacking care. As she ran through the house with Susie in her arms, the sound of a door slowly creaking open radiated from the living room.

Jennifer continued to charge through the giant, Victorian mansion, seeking for a place of refuge.  As she ran, loud, heavy footsteps could be heard following behind. Her rasping breaths couldn't drown out the big, deep, and ragged breaths that came along with the footsteps.

Susie clung to her mother, unsure of why her mother was running. She let out a small giggle as her mother began to climb the rather large, and winding staircase. Again, the footsteps grew louder, yet there was not another soul in sight.

Finally, they reach a bathroom. Jennifer places Susie in the back corner before she turns to lock the door, leaving the lights out in an attempt to not give away their hiding place. Jennifer rushes to Susie, who is still smiling, and wraps her arms around the child in a tight embrace.

As they sit quietly in the back of the bathroom, they can hear the footsteps slowly approaching the door. Each step louder and heavier than the one before. In an instant, the footsteps stop and a low, deep-throated growl can be heard from the other side of the door.

There is a moment of silence. Jennifer gives Susie a slight squeeze as she tries to control her breathing. The loud pounding of the young mother's heart is the only noise to be heard. With each passing moment, it seems the sound of her beating heart grows louder and louder.

Then, suddenly, the door slams open, splinters from the old, oak doorframe fly into the bathroom. Jennifer releases a blood-curdling scream as she lays her eyes upon the figure standing in the entryway. Susie sits up, giggling and showing off her eerie smile as she did once before. She continues by uttering three final words, "Mommy, Daddy's home."

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