What I would do In a zombie apocalypse
What I would do In a zombie apocalypse zombies stories

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This is for the back from the dead contest and here is what I would do

What I would do In a zombie apocalypse

Well the first thing I would do is I would load all of the food cans we have in our house into the car (Our house has like 1k cans in our pantry lol) I'm not taking any fridge food because It won't last as long as food packed in a can

(Next I would find something in the house to arm myself and sense we have lots of kitchen knives that would do great we also have a few metal baseball bats.

Now here comes my bigger and harder plan. I would load all my supplies into a boat if I can find one and ride into the middle of the ocean so the zombies can't get me until I find a small empty island that I can set up a camp at.

Now I know what you're thinking zombies can just walk on the seafloor but the thing about that is that it would take them weeks to do it maybe even months and they wouldn't come to the island if they never saw me leave in the first place. The waves will also keep pushing them back and I'm sure the sharks will eat them

Once I make it to the island I will start collecting any type of fruit I can find and hunting animals that live there well some (I'm not gonna kill a animal if I don't have to lol) The only problem I would have to deal with is finding clean water after I'm all out but hopefully it rains

Then eventually I will probably run out of resources on the island....but It was a good plan for you to last a long time right🤣at least you won't die to a zombie Well that's my plan to survive a zombie apocalypse, let me know what you guys think

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