The Fallen Sun Part 1
The Fallen Sun Part 1 ninja stories

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The fallen sun part 1 🥷🌥️

The Fallen Sun Part 1

"You should have left when you had the chance" (A voice says) "Now the world is filled with darkness and everyone will die" (A sword raises above your head and then everything goes dark)

"You quickly wake up and grab your sword quickly looking around only to see your daughter Akemi in front of you"

"Woah relax it was just another bad dream father" "No Akemi I've been having dreams like this too often I feel....that something isn't right" "Well maybe you need a break from fighting you already defeated the shadow clan ages ago"

"Yes but I feel their presence more and more as the days go on" "Well I must get going now father or I'm going to be late for class" (Akemi gives you a hug before leaving)

"As the sky gets darker you start to notice that Akemi returned home later than usual" (Akemi Looks very uneasy) Is something wrong Akemi ?

Akemi has tears in her eyes and says "Why didn't you tell me you killed mom" (A moment of silence passes and then you speak) "Your mother was apart of the old shadow clan I tried to save her but the darkness already overwhelmed her"

"I didn't want to tell you because I feared you would become one with the shadow clan if you knew what happened" "Your anger would only make you become darker inside " (Akemi runs to her room)

" Once Akemi’s father was asleep, she decided to sneak out of the house and head to the old location where the shadow clan once existed; she was desperate to learn more about what truly happened"

"She wanted nothing more than revenge so she set off to find the remaining shadow clan members which her father lied about and told her that they were dead"

"After looking around for awhile she saw 3 members of the supposed shadow clan"

"They looked strong but Akemi knew a thing or two about sword combat from her father"

"So she got ready to jump down and attack them until she felt the presence of someone watching her"

"A member of the shadow clan who has fallen far more to the shadows spoke to her silently" "I can give you information on what truly happened to your mother but first you must prove to me that you are a capable warrior" " kill them"

"Despite him being a member of the shadow clan Akemi took the offer and dashed into action bursting straight through a wooden wall to reach them"

"The next morning Akemi's father woke up as soon as the sun was rising, already rushing out to find Akemi" "But something was off he noticed that the sun wasn't rising anymore but it was now falling and the sky was getting darker"

To be continued....

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