Personal story #1 I feel the pain.πŸ˜”
Personal story #1 I feel the pain.πŸ˜” pain stories
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Personal story #1 I feel the painπŸ˜”

Personal story #1 I feel the pain.πŸ˜”

"I can smile but not laugh to much" "Sometimes I wish I were normal and could laugh hard and breathe normally without feeling the sharp stabbing pain in my chest from PCS"


"stab" "after stab"

"stab" "after stab" "After stab"

"People say I always look serious or mean" "When really....I'm not I'm a regular kid who just doesn't want to get stabbed for laughing way to hard after finding something super funny" "Thankfully there are times when it doesn't effect me and I can have a good laugh"

"They say it doesn't hurt and will leave eventually" "But I've had it for 3 years and it is extremely painful" "There is no cure" "No treatment"

"Only pain" "The amount of pills I must take to lower the pain is ridiculous and annoying" "But through all this pain which has been getting more and more frequent I still push forward to keep making inspiring stories for people"

"Because everyone has their own type of pain in their lives and this is mine" "But pain doesn't stop one from being who they are and I damn well won't let it stop me from doing what I love"

"Time doesn't heal just teaches us how to live with the pain..." The end

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