Killer backstories🔪 Note: The killer names and backstories are fictional and not real so please do not look up anyone who has these names and call them one of these killers.

Killer backstories🔪

Note: The killer names and backstories are fictional and not real so please do not look up anyone who has these names and call them one of these killers. scary stories

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Killer backstories of the many killers I have made try not to get scared 👻

Killer backstories🔪 Note: The killer names and backstories are fictional and not real so please do not look up anyone who has these names and call them one of these killers.

"Welcome I see you've come to learn about the backstories of the many killers that I have made🧐 Here is a nice cup of pumpkin spice coco to enjoy as I tell you the terrifying ways that these people and things😰....became killers

Hmm still here🧐 Brave I see I love it! haha Well if you think you can handle it then go ahead but be warned I've tried to make these as realistic and perfect for these killers as possible. 🤔

BOO! 👻 dang it.....didn't get you okay fine fine I'll stop well go ahead have fun trying not to get scared lol🤣

Killer log #1 Shadow stalker "The first and strangest of the killers we have the shadow stalker 👻" The shadow stalker for those that don't know is a killer that feeds off of its victims" fear. The more scared of it you are the more painful your death will be....🧐

"He has no feelings for those that he has killed..." "Also before killing his victims he tries to say scary quotes to make them as scared as possible" You may wonder why we keep going from saying It or He well the gender of the shadow stalker is not yet known however...

From its build it appears to be a male and the voice is very deep Additional info Name: Chris Josip (real name) Cause of killing: Rampage from prank played on him by friends causing him to forever be one with the shadows height: 6'9 most likely to scare people

Finally, he does have a small weakness revealed by two surviving kids who encounter him 1. The shadow stalker can only attack in the dark where there is shadows 2. Flashing a light at him or anything bright will temporarily stun him 3. Be brave, show no fear and he can't hurt you

Killer #2 The multi role killer The multi role killer is the second killer on our list if you see him then you might as well run away from everyone around you because this killer is a shape shifter He possesses the ability to transform into anyone around him within only a few seconds so when he is around trust nobody....

He was so dangerous that not even an entire swat team and police force could stop him and when the national guard finally killed him it was later found out that he had transformed into one of the men in the area. He seems to have a bit of humor and is very organized as he turned down the shadow stalkers offer to work together he even ate candy of those he scared of or killed...

Additional info: Name: Lucas Salim Cause of Killings: He mentioned something to the police that thought had him corned about killing because of a bad backstory he had from his past tho the true reason is still unknown....he even laughs as if it's a joke Age: Unknown seems (18-25)

Killer # 3 Forest Monsters There is still much that is unknown about the forest monsters as only two groups of kids have come across them in a now restricted area in a forest by the national guard the forest monsters aren't one monster but a variety of them of different sizes and shapes ready to attack anyone they see

Forest monster #1 Dark Ghouls These creatures look like goblins and have glowing white eyes they often times come in groups of 3 or more and love to make menacing laughs to scare people who walk into the forest in the wrong direction...away from the exit

Forest monster # 2 Tree stalkers Tree stalkers are strange creatures, they also have white eyes like the rest but also have strange sharp claws they usually watch their victims and do not attack them but instead it keeps following them while peeking out from behind trees

One theory suggests that they watch victims in the woods to either tell the other monsters where the people are going or to scare them from going in that direction. There has also been one recorded time of this monster pointing some victims in the right direction to the exit for some reason....

Forest monster # 3 Behemoths Behemoths are big lumbering creatures that almost resemble bigfoot but scarier...they stand at 8'9 giving them a perfect view of the forest around them they have extreme strength and will smash anything in their path

The National Guard has had a long standoff with one resulting in the death of 8 people tho the body of the behemoth has been taken away by the Fbi for lab testing in a unknown location it took a few explosives to take this guy down...

Forest monster#6 Lurkers Lurkers are probably the rarest and smartest of the bunch as they love to study their victims from afar and has the ability to command other forest monsters to take positions in areas to cut of people trying to escape and if they don't get the job done then it will deal with them itself.....

They are the rarest because they have only been spotted once by new and old people who have entered the forest together

Killer # 4 Zombies Slow,Dumb, and smelly the zombies compared to the other monsters might just be the safer option if you were to fight one. The ones in the story I have made before are super slow but don't let their slowness fool you they are stronger in numbers....

Killer # 5 Lee...? ( upcoming) Lee, a friend of two kids Isabel and David, died in the forest of killer monsters after saving his friends but soon they will discover the truth behind what really happened to him....stay tuned for the return of Lee story

Name: Lee Age: 14-15 Height: 5'6 Type: Human

Killer # 6 The hunter(upcoming) The hunter is exactly what you'd expect from the name, she is a human killer who hunts people with throwing knives and a rifle but she does it with reason her children was taken away by the forest monsters and she was willing to do anything to get them back

Even if it meant making a deal to kill others in exchange to see her kids again.... Name: Unknown age: Unknown Type: Human

Killer # 7 The Jester (upcoming) The Jester is a crazy killer that kills based on how he feels sometimes he cries and forgives his victims for trying to kill them and other times he goes insane and kills them in the harshest way possible.

He can be reasoned with if you know what you're saying and he usually wears a different mask and different colored suits to hide who he truly is. He is also seen holding a rose at times and will give it to victims who he lets go free while saying sorry to them. Type: Human Age: mid 30's Reason for killing: Emotional and mental struggles

And there you have it the list of current killers in stories that I have made as well as some new ones tell me how you guys like them in the comments and which ones you believe are the best and most scary 👻 Have a spooky day🎃

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