Keep Calm and Relax😌
Keep Calm and Relax😌 calm stories

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Keep calm and Relax😌

Keep Calm and Relax😌

Hey guys, I'm back I've been gone for a few days but now I'm back to writing more stories I also turned inside our heads into a series on the Commaful app on my profile page🤣another one is coming soon But anyways here is the next story which is about staying calm

Have you ever been super stressed out about something going on in your life? Or you just can't seem to relax after a hard day? Well I'm here to give you some tips on how you can stay nice and relaxed :)

First think about the scene right here in this template I'm using. Imagine yourself high above the clouds with a sunset that lasts forever. You can even walk on the clouds that feel just like soft pillows. It's such a calming moment Until......

Yup it's time to get up and go to work and you're dreading it as all you wanted to do was stay in this nice relaxing setting but here are ways that you can be calm after work. First, after a long hard day, try taking a nice warm shower. Try using a nice air freshner to make the bathroom smell even better and put on some calm music.

Remember to keep the device away from the shower or tub then after that you can grab a nice cold drink of your favorite beverage then grab some pillows and blankets if you have any and lay down on the couch or bed and watch a nice show or even a comedy show to make you laugh and forget about the things that went on at work. Trust me laughter will always make you feel better.

I have one more way that might help but it would take lots of practice this way is called Lucid dreaming. If you heard of it Lucid Dreaming is basically having a dream while you're asleep but you literally can control everything that happens in the dream by simply thinking about it but it takes time to learn how to do it and lot's of dedication to doing stuff like reality checks each day.

A reality check is something that makes sure you're still not dreaming, I know it sounds dumb but it can increase your chances of it happening by a lot one reality check is pointing one finger into the center of your other hand and seeing if your finger goes through it. If it does congrats you just realized your dreaming and now you are in a lucid dream if it doesn't your not in a dream.

I know that was a lot to take in but be careful lucid dreaming can be dangerous sometimes well not dangerous but super scary sometimes while doing it you might end up in sleep paralysis which is a state in which you are lying down in bed with your eyes open but you feel like you cannot move not only that but the room will appear super dark and you can see shadows moving around.

Don't worry tho this will only last for about 5 minutes and it won't hurt you. But learning to lucid Dream properly comes with big rewards, think about it, you're literally controlling your own world in your dreams, wanna go to the beach, imagine you're on the beach blink once and then your right on the beach. Wanna met a celebrity imagine them right behind you and turn around and there they are cool right?

Anyways, I know that got a lot of topic but I hope it helped, let me know in the comments anyways have a good day! :) The End

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