40 Followers special story "Here is it isss the 40 follower special story ! now a few things before I get started with it i know it would have been better if I waited until 50 followers sense it makes more sense and is a even number but I was thinking
40 Followers special story

"Here is it isss the 40 follower special story ! now a few things before I get started with it i know it would have been better if I waited until 50 followers sense it makes more sense and is a even number but I was thinking special stories

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This is my 40 Follower special story,🥳stay tuned till the end to see a surprise!

40 Followers special story "Here is it isss the 40 follower special story ! now a few things before I get started with it i know it would have been better if I waited until 50 followers sense it makes more sense and is a even number but I was thinking

"At the moment😂but as I stated in the update post I will tag all of you to this story so you guys can meet each other and like each others stories :) I also noticed that a few more people have started following so I'll add them just to be nice:) "But enough talk, let's get into the story"🤣

40 follower story 🥳 "It was a normal day nothing too different I got out of bed and went over to my desk to hop on Commaful and see the daily stats as well as check out other people's stories"

"I grabbed a cup of coffee and had a talk with some friends online before turning off my computer and heading off to school" "I was dreading how boring those 8 hours were gonna be when I could have been home with music,friends,and cool stories that I could be writing"

"It was still early in the day at school and dark outside and all I wanted to do was sleep, Until when I closed my eyes all the lights in the school turned off and there were loud metal slams of all the outside doors locking shut from around the school" "Everyone screamed and looked around trying to find their way through the darkness"

"But I wasn't worried because I knew the backup power would kick in like it usually does then we would be back to learning something boring" "But they didn't...I started to think it was strange but I was actually happy that we couldn't work in the dark"

"Until everyone turned on their phones so they could see, then what we saw was terrifying" "There were dead bodies everywhere of other students and only a few besides myself were still alive" "We all began to worry before I noticed that one of them was my friend"

"That wasn't the strangest part tho there was a blood trail from my friend that led up the wall and onto the ceiling" "On the wall written in my friend's blood said the word Fear"

"At first I was super confused and a bit worried until the biggest realization hit me" 1. I realized my dead friend is afraid of the dark 2.The word fear is commonly used by....My main horror character I made.. 3.I'm the only one in the class now for some reason idk where the other survivors went

5. This classroom stinks 🤮 and 6. why is my crush running down the hallway while telling me to run and stop staring"🤣 "I saw something dark run through the halls straight towards her and I decided to take off the opposite way"

"As I was running I saw the outline of guy in the hallway" "I stopped in my tracks before the figure said to me hey you come over here I'm one of the other classmates I escaped to" "In relief I started walking straight up to him until...

"I saw his hand behind his pocket with some pointy thing I couldn't make out behind him" "So I stopped moving and started slowly backing away but in only seconds the figure started bolting towards me and I began running from whoever it was"

"They were gaining on me until someone pulled me into the art room supply closet and locked the door" "I was super relieved and started to thank them until I realized it was a classmate of mine and they said you got some explaining to do "

"After a long conversation I found out that they were a Commaful user who had read my previous stories and they blamed this on me because from what he saw he said that the two figures were the shadow stalker and the multi-role killer both two killers that I myself created but they were fictional? right?..... "Apparently they somehow became real and now we were in trouble

"Before we could say anything else we saw a knife go straight through the door then disappear" "Knowing that it was the multi-role killers knife I quickly panicked looked straight at the classmate behind me who was now holding the knife with a twisted face of evil.

"I just had to give him the ability to switch into other people's body's I thought as I burst through the door running down the hallway" "I kept running and running until I saw the gym all lit up ahead I was almost there until a knife flew into my leg and I screamed and fell down"

"The multi-role killer was standing over me" "He said stupid kid you shouldn't have given me such power in your little story now you will die a horrible death from your own creation"

"It was a stupid idea but as he was getting ready to stab me in the head I thought wait if this is my creation then maybe I can change things about him" "So I instantly took out of phone and as the knife came down to my head I quickly rewrote the story removing his ability to change into other people and removed his knife"

"Surprisingly it worked! and he was now just a creepy dude in a hoodie standing over me, so I got up and ran with the rest of my strength into the school gym." "When I turned around he was right there laughing. " "You really think I still can't hurt you?

"Then I said maybe I can't hurt you but they can" "I quickly wrote in the story all of the names of the Commaful Followers on my page and all 46 of them spawned right in the gym surrounding him" "A lot of them were confused about why they were there but after I told them who I was they were all surprised"

"Then I gave everyone weapons by writing it in the story from baseball bats to knives and even swords and then they all charged at the multi-role killer beating him up" "He tried his best to fight off all of the followers but without his ability to switch and be skilled he was rendered useless"

"Then soon he was dead on the ground and all the followers started to cheer until....the lights went off and my mind instantly froze" "I just realized that I forgot all about the shadow stalker in the school as well and I had all my followers in this wide open gym..."

"I felt the presence of the shadow stalker rushing through the darkness and heading straight for the gym as fast as possible" "I quickly wrote that nobody could fear the shadow stalker but as soon as I finished I fell to the ground laying there I felt blood on my chest"

"The last thing I did was delete my account so that way none of this ever happened it was the only way but I also wrote something special" "I made it so that all my followers got a free wish that they could use at any moment that granted them anything and they all knew it"

"I woke up in my room clenching my chest and breathing hard until I noticed that I wasn't bleeding or injured" "I quickly went to my computer and saw that it happened I had no Commaful account anymore and no stories i felt terrible that all my hard work was gone but thankful to know that it worked and that all the followers got a free wish"

AFTER STORY THOUGHTS🧐 "Hey guys it's me and I'm glad that you guys read to the end of this, To me I feel like I could have done way better with a special story for followers instead of making it some whole horror thing but I was low on ideas and stressed from school😕I also felt like I rushed it"

"I also think that I should have definitely waited till 50 followers sense was so close but I was trying to make something special early" "But anyways if you guys like this make sure to give it a like and now the moment of truth I'm tagging all of you :) because you guys inspire me to keep writing more and more stories 😁"

FOLLOWER SHOUT OUT LIST"🥳 @cookiewolfie89 @glitchy_red @filizerdem @meghnasayzz @music_lyrics @niceperson1 @iluv2read @theecollin @courtney5 @myalockhart19 @inkdragon More>

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"If I forgot you name feel free to tell me in the comments! :) "Have a great day! :)"

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