Lots of Sharks in The Sea
Lots of Sharks in The Sea heart break stories

lonewolf25 What am I supposed to put here?
Autoplay OFF   •   10 months ago
I wrote this as a way to release all the anguish I had within me a few years back. I went back to it and made a few changes and edits here and there. Not that great but I hope you like it!

Lots of Sharks in The Sea

They say there's lots of fish in the sea But it's always the sharks that concerned me Backstabbing monsters Blood thirsty beasts Sucking all the joy And leaving the heart for the feast

Wish you just said you didn't love me You could have cut me free But you had to go and stab me in the back While I'm sitting down on my knees

I remember the night you said it That night I couldn't sleep Spent it with tears in my eyes Grasping for air to breathe

Don't know how I didn't notice Those blood stained lips I was too lost in your eyes When you gave me the kiss of death

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