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So I wrote this to the tune of The A Team


So I wrote this to the tune of The A Team

I could be cold but the heat in its mold feels good like home

I'm torn between how to not be mean stay afloat or let go

And they say I'm being crazy no one gets their dreams I guess that's true maybe but it's hazy

And baby my thoughts become rainy please get here safely it's shady and now that our lives have come undone

I'm torn between helping through the pain or just getting through this rain And I don't wanna go, but I, can't hide

I just can't continue to live this life when it has caused nothing but strife It's too cold outside for us to lie

I'm not the bad guy

Ripped gloves torn coat scrounging up the bank notes lights off heat's cold

Kids gone different homes clinging to fading hope that they might grow old

And they say there're so many ways he could have just hate me maybe I'm just crazy but lately

His face seems kinder somehow moon beams shining out when he speaks it's unique the way he hold his head high through life

And we're all under the upper hand steal and cheat to get to the end And I don't wanna go outside ...but I

Can't get past the sins that I need to pay for lie and cheat and then ask for more

It's to cold outside for life to go by

I may as well die covered in white/ Wishin' I had lived a better life This crime... won't do it this time Take a better line

And they say That I'm just crazy better to just scream easy to get off free but lately

It seems I should pay for me not get out easy and maybe I'm torn for the best of life

I'm torn between the man I love or leave for the street I know enough

And we don't wanna go outside tonight picking pockets to get by a rough spot or accept the food that he just bought

It's too cold outside For me to hide For him to lie to lie to lie

For us to fly to fly to fly

For our lives to die

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