Parents in Particular
Parents in Particular bullying stories
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Precisely Parents

Parents in Particular

I know I am harsh but I mean not to be it's just how I was raised up you see

Let me elaborate my parents aren't harsh they are just mislead in the right place is their heart

But they don't seem to realize illness doesn't care your situation in life or the color of your hair

The price of your shoes how you look in that tie it doesn't matter the mind doesn't lie

I tried to tell my mom she said no purpose have I that is why I have trouble when I try to stay alive

But if that's the problem then why may I ask do the voices in my head give me terrible tasks?

I tried to tell them about my depression they said you don't know what that feels like you have never felt it

I tried to speak up about anxiety but they said I was fine someone please kill me

I am harsh because that's what I was taught to be it's not that I don't like you I'm trying to protect both you and me

I am quite dangerous and no one seems to see there's a very quiet sociopath hiding inside of me

Sexually harassed in sixth grade going into seventh bullied throughout high school and now I'm in eleventh

But you know, I'm fine at least that's what they tell me after they say it's my fault my ex tried a knife to be free

He tried to kill himself i mean honestly I was twelve didn't know really what this hatred did to delve

But they told me I'm fine when my ex tried to rape they said it was a joke i didn't find it all that great

I got into a fist fight he threw first punch to lid my dad told me to defend myself So I took his advice and did

I'm a very violent person I won't lie cause it's true tried to join in fight clubs before i'm 22

Decided instead of the military to be a bounty hunter cause why fly jets and pilot when I can hunt people for a number?

They told me i was stable and i still don't believe them but if doctors only believe parents it's their children to condemn

I told them about a month ago but my mother said if I head toward ever telling a doctor they'll send me to a psych ward

I just want some help just need to gain some clearance but how can I talk to doctors when they only believe the parents?

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