The times I'm going through...
The times I'm going through... stories
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When I'm alone in this darkness when there's no one to talk to

The times I'm going through...

When I'm alone in this darkness

when there's no one to talk to

when everything has gone to the deserved

when I lie on my bed all day

When the present haunts and makes me a pendulum

when I laugh at my own jokes

when I cry at my own stupidities

when I see the same walls everyday

When I see the pigeons outside my balcony

When my smartphone has become a part of my body

When I live within my thoughts only,

When I'm all with myself

When I have no one to blame for but myself

I look at myself dying everyday.

A thought then arises,

I look at all those out there

Perhaps, they live the same life I do

that I don't manipulate life

that I don't pretend to be somebody

that I am still one of theirs

that I'm still the son of God

that I'm not who I perceive myself to be

that I have made a fool of myself

that why did I do when I didn't want to do

that why did I love her

that why couldn't I stop at my wrongdoing

that why do I still behave the same way

I still occupy the same thought.

Sometimes I get up

muster up the courage to face the unknown

Unknown wants me to be there

A part of myself denies it

Why Am I the way I am now

Why do they think of me as an enemy

Why does this world runs the way it does

Why can't anybody tries to change it

Why couldn't I stop

I'm still lying on my bed

with my face looking at the screen

thinking what to type next

All in imagination and nothing on the platform


Are the times I've been going through.

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