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Illusions of happiness.


Not everything is what it seems.

You see her walking next to her large group of friends. They smile and laugh at all of her jokes, she never spends lunch alone by herself like you do. She has everything you’ve ever wanted. You’ve always wondered why you could never have what she has. This is because she’s never home, she doesn’t have a home. She needs those friends to stay off the streets. Her friends don’t even know.

They always think she never wants to be alone and this is why she comes for sleepovers. She wants to be alone. She doesn’t always want to have all eyes on her. For her, she has no safe place. All she wants to do is cry but if she breaks then everyone will see how truly unhappy she is. They would all know she has no home. Then no one would want to be around her, and what would she have then?

The only silence she has is in her mind, which she rarely ever gets to be alone with. She plasters a smile on her face and hopes that no one can see through it. Secretly she hopes one day someone will notice how unhappy she is. She wants someone to help but what it no one wants to help? Unwilling to give up the one thing she has, she continues to act perfect. To everyone else, she is perfect. Everything for

her is perfect. They all want to be her, but none of them took the time to know her. It’s all an act. She pretends to be happy while they pretend to be her friend. A true friend would have noticed how she never talks about home. Who is her family? Why have I never met her parents? All they care about is this perfect girl, with perfect clothes, the perfect body, perfect hair, and a perfect smile. Do they ever

ask how she got her clothes? Where she sleeps every night? Why she is always at someone else’s house instead of her own? Do they actually care? Continue to smile and they continue to let you in. How cruel of a cycle, how does one stop it? You continue to want to be her while she’s slowly withering away. Soon enough there will be nothing left of her and then what? No one will want to be her.

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