Lonely Outlet - Staff (part 2)
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PART 2: Learn about another four of our staff members! A bit of their backstories, history and more.

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Lonely Outlet - Staff (part 2)

Meet the Folks!

Hey! Hi! Come on in and meet the folks (staff) who make up the Lonely Outlet!

You'll notice that despite only having a small crew, we still have silly titles like "News Fellow Extraordinaire" and "Editor of Magazine Minutiae and Dust",

which are more common among larger companies. We realise that there's really no point to it (and heck! Barely any actual "editing" gets done!), but we're a self-proclaimed egotistical bunch.

The titles make us feel oh-so much better about our otherwise unimportant, insignificant existences...

Wil Peterson:

Staff Writer, Photographer

Wil is a professional photographer and somehow got an ongoing gig taking publicity shots for a number of the nightclubs,

bars and events in the Ullenbach Strip - the nightlife destination for the young and young at heart in Durennmork.

During the day Wil works, often furiously, for the Outlet and most other staffers wonder if he ever actually sleeps.

This arrangement also means that he is, perhaps, the very embodiment of the 'lonely' in the Lonely Outlet.

Everyone else mostly works (or studies) at 'normal' hours and start at the Outlet in the evening. As such, when Wil comes in during the day, no one else is around.

As a photographer, he also doesn't get much of a chance to interact with people, spending more time behind the camera, as opposed to in front of it.

Wil has a beard, is overweight and suffers depression (as do most, if not all of our staff).

He also does not take criticism well, taking even small slights personally.

Ironically, he was originally hired as the Outlet's Customer Service Representative (which did not go well),

until he became the magazine photographer a month later (and then a writer a year after that).

Wil loves cartoons, more than any of the other staffers and finds them therapeutic. He claims that he is also a closet Brony, though he does write the occasional piece about MLP for the magazine.

Liz Aarland:

Staff Writer, Archivist, General Girl Friday

When Liz was younger, she hated her name. If there was one thing that she could have done, it would have been to change her name.

"Liz Aarland", when said too quickly, sounded like "lizard-land" and she was consistently the brunt of jokes growing up.

Liz was an orphan and while she was adopted early on, her new parents never changed her name... To them, she was not "Elizabet Olafenson", but always "Elizabet Aarland".

They were never outright mean or abusive, but just treated her with an air of indifference. Her adoptive brother inexplicably seemed to hate her.

She, like so many other staff members, I suppose, felt very alone and as soon as she was able, left home for good.

Beyond that, Liz would say that she's had a fairly conventional life thus far.

She went to school, had a couple of kind-of friends (as is the norm in Durennmork) and is currently undertaking actuarial studies at college.

Liz and Adiran recently moved in together - as roommates, they're not 'together'. Do not ship.

They met through the Outlet, and discovered that they were both attending the same university (not too surprisingly really, considering that it's one of two in the area),

though in different fields. They started spending time between classes together and rather strong friendship soon formed.

Liz says that she has an ardent love of Harry Potter, Disney and comics.

Evelyn Wane:

Publisher (English edition), Translator, Occasional Writer

Prior to his recent work at the Lonely Outlet, Evelyn was a "published" author of dozens of books.

Basically, he's like a real life Kilgore Trout, with each book only having one, maybe two copies produced.

Due to Evelyn's name being so close to actual writer 'Evelyn Waugh', he generally writes under the name 'E.V. Wane' (despite his middle name not starting with a 'V').

Evelyn was born and raised in Australia, until his family were killed in a devastating fire. From that point on, he used what funds he had to travel the world.

Eventually, he found his way to Durennmork, where he settled down and got married - though he still makes frequent trips back to Australia. Please do not say "G'Day Mate" to him. He hates that.

Evelyn primarily translates old and new material from the Outlet Archives, with help from the other staff members (who actually do speak English rather well),

and publishes the material in physical magazines - with greater print runs than his actual books!

He occasionally writes for the Outlet, though rarely in the same capacity as other staff members.

If you do happen to see his stuff around, it will generally be pieces of his own fiction (which Lorenzo has gracefully allowed in the magazine), as well as pieces about the Outlet,

or Durennmork itself.

Agnes Mulman:

Co-Creator, Former Writer and Designer

Agnes was an artist and designer originally from Southern Durennmork. She met Lorenzo in high school and the two became a couple during their final year.

They started the Lonely Outlet in 1986, with Agnes primarily taking on the majority of art and design duties.

The Outlet's Mascot, Ida was a character created by Agnes, based largely on herself.

She even produced a short-lived comic series, 'Carnival Blues' starring the character in 1991, detailing her childhood and teenage years.

In 1993, Lorezno and Agnes were not yet married, however Agnes found out that she was pregnant.

Premarital sex is frowned upon in Durennmork and the two were somewhat ostracised, motivating them to move to the Northern Aubenengate region, which is a relatively quiet and isolated area.

The two did eventually marry in 2006 and collaborated on the magazine until Agnes' untimely death in 2008.

Not a day goes by when she isn't missed.

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