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Your touch was faint Restless fingertips tracing patterns across my skin

Feverish Lust

Your touch was faint

Restless fingertips tracing patterns across my skin

Dominant kisses

Hard breaths

I felt numb and alive at the same time

Warm in your clothes but cold under your gaze

Where were you?

You knew I was weak but you still took me under

I wanted to feel safe

Consumed in you entirely

But you wanted control

Your tongue was laced with deciet that left me dead the morning after

I recall walking into your room while you were asleep

For a moment, I thought I found you again

My face grim with swollen eyes seeking comfort

Tip toeing to your side, ready to greet the love of my life again

I took my place next to you

Laid curled by your side as the sun began flooding through your window

And you turned away

The night before, I danced in the core of your thoughts as I took off my clothes

Powerful red lust adorning my soul

And gushing out through your words only meant for me

Until I remembered the tears soaking my face when you first told me about her

Your eyes blazed with a familiar passion

That dimmed when I refused

I felt us fading after you said goodnight

Leaving me colored black on empty sheets

Different rooms, sighs of defeat

For all I knew she remained embedded in your thoughts, parading your dreams

Leaving all of what we had behind

I didn't feel warm in your clothes anymore

That was the night I felt our love die

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